Blessed and Healed

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your dedication to writing this book.  I thought I knew a lot, but you taught me so many important insights re: fighting against the world’s wisdom and trusting in God’s wisdom.

Halfway into the book I was struck with a horrible toothache, which brought on some anxiety as well.  I didn’t have dental insurance, I didn’t know how much worse this could get, and I didn’t have a dentist here.

Then it hit me—I am reading about Jesus’ healing all, what am I waiting for?

Let me take it off the pages and see this healing manifested!

So, I paid attention to the things God directed me to do and kept anticipating results without fear! By the end of the week, the whole thing was healed—I was overjoyed!

God spared me from pain, big dental bills, and lots of time.

We have a God who hears our cries to Him, a complete and caring savior, and open access to the throne of grace!

When I retired from nursing, I chose seven of the healings I witnessed as a nurse and wrote about them in a short book called, “When Jesus Shows Up“.  I just want people to see that God is real!  His goodness speaks for itself within the testimonies.

                                                 Lifting you in prayer,